back to one of my favourite places – 

Did the tulips give it away?

I just couldn’t help but write a little post about my recent trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite places. It is the second time I have been there and I am already eyeing up my next trip. The flight is a breeze, the place is beautiful and there are tulips everywhere.. who wouldn’t love dam?

Amsterdam has a special place in my heart due to it being the first place I ever traveled (I was very late in hopping on the passport train, September 2015 to be exact)

There is only a very faint language barrier and everyone is so friendly I always feel so comfertable and almost like I’m not in another country, which is lovely – always nice to feel at home away from home aye?

Speaking of home away from home, we stayed at Hotel Arena whilst there and I was just fell completely in love.. it was the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. The hotel ‘room’ we had was two floors and the hotel itself including the grounds in which it’s situated are just incredible. 

I would highly reccomend staying there. It’s not that far from the centre, around a 5 minute walk to the stop and a number 9 tram will take you directly in and out. The most memorable place I can think of to give you an idea on its where abouts is Amsterdam zoo, and I would just like to add in one more time that it is amazing.

This was the view from the second floor of our room ft my boyfriend and his socks.


We treated this time around as just a ‘ let’s walk around and take in the city’ trip, we prioritised all of the ‘touristy’ things we wanted to tick of our lists last time – like the hieniken experience, the flower market, the museums, the red light district just to name a few (all I would advise making time for) so this time we were able to visit our favourite places from last time and add some more to our list for next time.


The most memorable, topping my reccomenation list and in my opinion the best way to see Amsterdam? the canal rides. There are SO many different options, so many different ways to do so, whatever you do? Do it. 

Last time we went on the pizza cruise which was just the most fun, they sit you on board with an unlimited amount of alcohol, with a pit stop half way to get you your choice of pizza hot off of just being hand made – what’s not to love?

This time around we decided to give the cheese and wine cruise a whirl due to my love of them both, it was lovely. You have the most considerate people looking after you who on both occasions not once left my glass empty! (I will admit, I had to ask for water towards the end of the wine cruise due to them doing their job a little to well) – so worth the money and the time.

Amsterdam is one of those places that is just as beautiful if not more so at night. The lights, the canals, the buildings, it’s just an extremely picturesque place. I will leave you with my last ‘to do’, that being what I spent a lot of my time doing when I wasn’t walking around taking instagram fillers! Find yourself a little bar alongside a canal, get yourself a glass of wine and just take it all in as much as you can! 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?                      Where is your favourite place?


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