a hidden gem – 

I have always known this little place exsisted, I had just never actually been there before. (I regret all decisions that lead me to not visit until now)


Shabitat is a warehouse which has a variety of ‘second hand’ goods, including furniture, books, electrical goods, previously loved clothes and all sorts of homeware for those keen to find a second hand gem. 

Having lived in brighton my whole life, I am a sucker for a good shop full of pre loved things.. with the likes of to be worn again, beyond retro and snoopers paradise on my doorstep – Shabbitat is both right up there street as well as mine. 

Not only does it stock the above, it also features upcycled and remade one of a kind items in store that are just amazing.

The team collects donations daily, so there is always something new available. I would definitely suggest popping in and seeing what you can find.

My most favourite finds where in the section pictured above –

The first was a cookbook, a Wagamama cookbook, I was a tad over excited to say the least. I love waggas, so this was just a treat. Icing on the Japanese food shaped cake? The little tabs left in the book from the previous owner. I thought this was such a nice little touch and I cannot wait to see what they loved enough to make a note of.

With the other two books I will go into a bit more detail in another blog post I think – as they are both just perfect editions both to my house. All books in shabitat are as you may have seen in the picture above, £1 each. (Which is an absolute steal with most of the stock)

The ‘book of poster art’ is the perfect coffee table book which I have been on the hunt to find for a while now and the ‘I know how to cook by ginette mathiot’ I saw and instantly fell in love with. (Spoiler alert, they are all amazing)


The last two things were these gorgeous vintage pottery pieces – which as you can see are just lovely. At just £2.50 for both of them, the things they stock are so generously priced. 

Where is your favourite place to go snooping?


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