the most perfect gift –

I received this lovely gift from my lovely mumma after her little trip to the Lake District last weekend – and now all I want in my life is an Agnes + Cat within walking distance, please.

It honestly was the nicest surprise and my mum could not have chosen a more me gift, I guess after all.. mums do know best!

You can buy a variety of different things from their shop I have since learnt from stalking their exsistance, all of which is just beautiful.. all available separate of course, but they also make up these hand chosen by you little gift packages beautiful bowed and sealed with a stamp of approval.

My gift box included the most lovely little selection, made even more special by the fact my mumma thought I would like each one  –

This beautiful floral scented bath bomb filled with rose petals is just so pretty, I am a sucker for a bath bomb as you may already know from my first post so this was just spot on.

Look how beautiful this soap is, look at it. I am not normally one for orange scented things but this is the kind of orange I can get on board with,  it acts like an air freshener in your bathroom and is so nourishing.

Now this is my favourite, I absolutely love a candle – who doesn’t?

The most accurate way to describe how this one smells, is it simply smells like Paco Rabanne 1 million, which is not only one of my favourite smells but also is what I associate the most with when I first met my boyfriend. (I met him around the time where that is literally all anyone wore and Karl was no exeption to this)

It’s ended up being a house fave and actually rather sentimental in more way than one.

Last but absolutely not least in my little box of goodies was the salted caramel lip butter – it smells and tastes as good as it sounds (not that I ate it, you know what I mean)

It’s more of an oil, which I am not really used too, but it’s actually really nice and it’s made my lips honestly feel so much nicer just from using it a couple of times!

Agnes + Cat, is just a dream. I am in love, very happy I have been introduced to their store, grateful for my gift and am 100% planning a trip there myself soon.


Have you ever been to an agnes + cat?


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