saturday – 

I hope anyone who comes across this has had the most lovely Saturday – 

I got whisked away for a lovely picnic in the grounds behind Arundel castle today followed by a lovely walk..

It gave me the opportunity to have some well needed me time and make some well needed notes just about life, plans and meal preps for the week! 

(It also gave me the chance to wear my beautiful new jumper – which I am just obsessed with)

We stopped off on the way home to have a little nose in the new next/costa that has opened in littlehampton – it’s only been open a few days (I think) and it’s lovely.. 

It’s so nice to have a next close, the nearest one to where we live is a bit of a mission, my only complaint would be that the home section isn’t big enough! Because I just Love next at home – (let’s be real though, who doesn’t love next at home!?)

I ended my day with a mint choc chip number from costa, it was yum – 

(Even if I am now paying for it in the form of toothache, oops)


How was your Saturday?


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